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On request we can provide our customer with radiant pipes, squares and rectangular pipes, bended pipes, pipe coils, half pipes, angle and channel bars, sheared flat bars, plasma cutted plates, discs, rings, flanges, manifold lined shafts, cylinders, rollers, special fittings threaded and s.w. fittings. We specialize in square and rectangular tube in monel, Inconel, duplex, super duplex, hastelloy and stainless steel grades. We have an advantage over other companies for coil tubing in monel, nickel alloy, Inconel, duplex, hastelloy and super duplex grades due to our wide stock range in seamless tubing for titanium, monel, Inconel, hastelloy, duplex and super duplex grades.

FERRALIUM 255 A790 A815 S32550
NICKEL200 B161 B366/WPN N02200 2.4066 B160 B564 N02200
NICKEL201 B161 B366/WPNL N02201 2.4068 B160 B564 N02201
MONEL 400 B165 B366/WPNC N04400 2.4360 B164 N04400 B564 N04400 A494 M35-1
MONEL K500 N05500 2.4375 B865 N05500
INCOLOY 800 B163 B366-WPNIC N08800 1.4876 X10NiCrAITi3320 B408 N08800 B564 N08800
INCOLOY 800H B407 B366/WPNIC10 N08810 1.4958 B408 N08810 B564 N08810
INCOLOY 800HT B366-WPNIC11 N08811 1.4959 B408 N08811 B564 N08811
INCOLOY 825 B423 B366/WPNICMC N08825 2.4858 NiFe30Cr21Mo3 B425 N08825 B564 N08825
INCONEL 600 B167 B366/WPNCI N06600 2.4816 B166 N06600 B564 N06600 A494 CY40
INCONEL 625 B444 B366/WPNCMC N06625 2.4856 NiCr22Mo9Nb B446 N06625 B564 N06625 A494 CW 6MC
INCONEL690 N06690 B166 N06690
INCONEL718 N07718 B637 N07718 B637
INCONEL X750 N07750 2.4669 B637 N07750 B637
HASTELLOY B2 B622 B366/WPHB-2 N10665 2.4617 B335 N10665 B564 N10665 A494 N 12MV
HASTELLOY B3 N10675 2.4600 B335 N10675 B564 N10675
HASTELLOY C22 B622 B366/WPHC22 N06022 2.4602 NiCr21Mo14W B574 N06022 B574 N06022 A494 CX2MW
HASTELLOY C276 B622 B366/WPHC276 N10276 2.4819 B574 N10276 B564 N10276
HASTELLOY C4 B622 B366/WPHC4 N06455 2.4610 B574 N06455 B574 N06455
HASTELLOY G B366-WPHG N06007 B581 N06007 B564
HASTELLOY G3 B366-WPHG3 N06985 B581 N06985 B564
HASTELLOY G30 B366-WPHG30 N06030 B581 N06030 B564
HASTELLOY X B366-WPHX N06002 B572 N06002 B564
TITANIUM GR.1 R50250 3.7025 B348 GR.1 B381 F1 B367 C1
TITANIUM GR.2 B337/B861 B363/WPT-2 R50400 3.7035 B348 GR.2 B381 F2 B367 C2
TITANIUM GR.3 R50400 3.7055 B348 GR.3 B381 F3 B367 C3
TITANIUM GR.5 B377/B861 R50400 3.7165 B348 GR.5 B381 F5 B367 C5
TITANIUM GR.7 B377/B861 B363/WPT-7 R52400 3.7235 B348 GR.7 B381 F7 B367 C7
ZIRCONIUM 702 B653-PZ(Gr) R60702 B550 B493
ZIRCONIUM 705 R60705
904L B677 A403/WP904L N08904 1.4432
1.4539 X1NiCrMoCu25205 B649 N08904 B625 N08904
ALU5083 B241 B361/WP5083 5083 3.3547 B473 B462 A351 CN7M
CARPENTER 20 B729 B366/WP20CB N08020 2.4660 B473 B462 A351 CN7M
DUPLEX 4462 A190 A815 S31803 1.4462 X2CrNiMoN2253 A276 or A479 S31803 A182 F51 A890 Gr 4A
SAF 2507 A790 A815 S32750 1.4469 G-X-25Cr7Ni4MoN A276/479 S32750 A182 F53 A890 Gr 6A A351 Gr CD4Mcu
ZERON 100 S32760 1.4501 A276/479 S32760 A182 F55 A351 Gr CD3MWCrN
CuAl10Ni5Fe4 C63000 C63200 2.0966 QAL10-4-4 B150 B124
CuAl10Ni C95800 2.0976 B148
CuAl11Ni C95500 2.0981 B148 B271
CuAl10Fe C61900 2.0936 QAL10-3-1
CuAl8Fe 2.0930 QAL9-4
CuAl9Mn C61000 2.0960 QAL9-2
Bronze C83600 B584 B62
Bronze C92200 B584 B61
Bronze C84400 B584
Brass C36000 B16
CARBON STEEL (C22) K30504 1.0402 C22 A105 A105 A216 WCB
CARBON STEEL (C22.8) 1.046 A105N A105N
LOW TEMP CARBON STEEL K03011 1.0508 TT St E 36 A350 LF2 A350 LF2 A352 LCB
HIGH YIELD STEEL K03014 A694 F60 A694 F60
3 1/2 NICKEL STEEL K32025 1.5639 A350 LF3 A350 LF3 A352 LC3
5 CHROME, 1/2 MOLY K41545 1.7362 12CrMo19.5 A182 F5 A182 F5 A217 C5
1 1/4 CHROME, 1/2 MOLY K11572 K11597 1.7733 1.7335 24CrMoV-55 13 CrMo 44 A739 B11 A182 F11 A217 WC6
2 1/4 CHROME, 1/2 MOLY K21590 1.738 10CrMo9.10 A739 B22 A182 F22 A217 WC9
9 CHROME, 1 MOLY K90941 1.7386 A182 F9 A182 F9 A217 CW6
X 12 CHROME, 091 MOLY K91560 1.4903 A182 F91 A217 C12
13 CHROME S41000 A276 or A479 410 A182 F6A A351 CA15
17-4PH S17400 1.4542 A564 630 A564 630
254 SMo A312 A403/WPS31254 S31254 1.4547 A182 F44 A182 F44 A351 CK3MCuN
304 A312 A403/WP304 S30400 1.4301 X5CrNi1810/X5CrNi189 A276 or A479 304 A182 F304 A351 CF8
304H S30409 1.4948 X6CrNi1811
304L S30403 1.4306 X2CrNi1911 A276 or A479 304L A182 F304L A351 CF3
309 A312 A403/WP309 S30900 1.4828 X15CrNiSi2012 A276 or A479 309 A182 F309
310 S31008 14,845 A479 310 A351 CK20
310S A312 A403/WP310S S31008 1.4845 X12CrNi2521 A276 or A479 310S A182 F310S A351 CK20
310/314 A312 A403/WP310 S31000 1.4841 X15CrNiSi2520 A276 or A479 310 A182 F310
316 A312 A403/WP316 S31600 1.4401 1.4436 X5CrNiMo17122 X5CrNiMo17133 X5 CrNiMo1810 A276 or A479 316 A182 F316 A351 CF8M
316H S31609 1.4919 X8CrNiMo1712
316L A312 A403/WP316L S31603 1.4404 X2CrNiMo17132 A276 or A479 316L A182 F316L A351 CF3M
316Ti A312 A403/WP316Ti S31635 1.4571 X6CrNiMoTi17122 A276 or A479 316Ti A182 F316Ti
317 A312 A403/WP317 S31700 1.4449 X5CrNiMo1713 A276 or A479 317 A182 F317L
317L A312 A403/WP317L S31703 1.4438 X2CrNiMoN18164 A276 or A479 317L A182 F317L A351CG8M
321 A312 A403/WP321 S32100 1.4541 X6CrNi1810 A276 or A479 321 A182 F321 A351CG8M
347 A312 A403/WP347 S34700 1.455 X6CrNiNb1810 X10

Other ProductsrNiNb189 A276 or A479 347 A182 F347 A351 CF8C

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