Super Critical CO2

Natural state extraction and refining of VISCOUS LIQUIDS (6000CPS)- EMULSIONS - FLUID PASTES

In addiction to the batch process for solid substances, industry requires non-stop refining and extraction process for liquids, viscous substances, emulsions and pumpable pastes. Industrial batch process implies unacceptable costs for the industry. Even traditional countercurrent columns fitted to supercritical operating conditions are not able to deal with such products and are limited by very high operating pressure requested.

Taking advantage of the high diffusional coefficient of a gas in supercritical state, which is far more superior to the one of a liquid, we patented a non stop extracting process which permits to obtain, by operating at very high pressures (800 bar), refined products in their natural state.

Summarily, the starting substances is directed towards a series of mixers operating at very high pressures, where it comes to close contact with supercritical CO2. This equicurrent flow system is characterised by the fact that the mixing of product with CO2 and the subsequent separation need a very short time.

The problems caused by high viscosity products are overcome by the cynetic effects of the mixes groups. the homogeneous emulsion, composed by the extract and by the refined product, reaches a high-pressure separator where the extract and the solvent get separated from the final refined product. then, the extract product and the carbon dioxide reach a second separator where the CO2 is recycled by the system.

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